The value of PIL Testing

The value of PIL Testing

PIL Testing – Looking beyond face value

When we enter the purchasing journey (or procurement process) to buy a product or service such as PIL Testing, a number of factors may influence our decision making along the way. There is a natural set of ‘must haves’ which will either exclude one offering altogether or move it to a shortened list of possibilities.

The perception of value

Each of us has our own priorities in terms of what’s important when selecting a product or service, but (generally speaking) we all seek value. However, what is perceived as value to some may be seen as something different to others. The general perception is that quality comes at a premium; but is that entirely true?

Look a little closer

At PDS we recently looked back on our track record across key service areas and found that over 99.99% of all PIL user tests  undertaken since 2005 (that’s over 700) were completed with a successful outcome for our clients. This success is primarily due to the amount of time our team invests in reviewing the draft leaflet enabling them to make suggested changes and recommendations.

PIL Testing

Of course, there are many elements to delivering successful PIL testing than simply being able to understand what makes a fit-for-purpose patient leaflet and contributing to the design process.

The ability to identify and recruit suitable test subjects is one that is critical to the efficacy of the test. Then there is the design and implementation of the test itself, plus the post- test analysis and reporting.  There are many parameters that lead to a successful outcome.

Having an effective process

As we all know, a PIL test is a critical element of the MAA process, as it forms part of the application and therefore must be concluded successfully before a submission is made. As MAA’s have to follow a strict procedure deadline it’s imperative to ensure that the PIL is fit-for-purpose,

Investing extra time and effort upfront can expedite the overall testing process, because there is little or no corrective action needed after each stage of the process.

Through receiving the correct guidance before testing commences, the MAH can potentially expedite the process of creating a fit-for-purpose PIL, whilst reducing the cost of doing so.

When we reviewed costs, we found that PDS compares very favourably to other vendors, especially when factoring in all of the associated service elements and charges. Our clients know that we are focused on working with them to improve quality, whilst helping streamline their internal processes and improve operational efficiency for future projects.

Creating value

Our clients also appreciate that they are charged a fair price and, importantly, that there are no hidden costs – transparency and openness are observed at all times.  Ultimately our clients see value in what we do for them, including achieving a successful outcome and a strong return on investment for every project we undertake.

If you would like further information about how PDS can help deliver your PIL User Testing then please contact  a member of our TEAM.