In pursuit of excellence – a message from PDS’s Managing Director

In pursuit of excellence – a message from PDS’s Managing Director

Hello there,

Recently we’ve all been exposed to the fall out from the Brexit vote and to be honest no-one really knows what the outcome of the negotiations will bring. It’s natural to assume there will be changes afoot, but when the dust settles and the hype resides, we will all need to carry on with our business

At PDS, we decided the one thing that will help our clients most is for us to focus on the job at hand and ensure we continue to deliver the highest quality of service possible. After all that’s what we would expect as a client.

Those who know me well appreciate my genuine commitment to delivering value to our clients – I simply detest lip service! And in these uncertain times I’m even more wholeheartedly committed to realising my vision, which is why PDS will be opening an EU based office to  serve our clients even more effectively once the UK exits the European Union.

A message from Carol Kingstone

While we may have to adapt to a new way of working with our European cousins come March 2019, our core values will never change. We are not (and never aspired to be) a major corporation; what we are is a highly professional and successful boutique consultancy, who’s focus is on being flexible towards our clients’ needs and to working as a seamless extension to their in-house operations –  that’s right, working together as a TEAM.

PDS will continue to provide the same  exemplary levels of quality and an unreserved commitment to doing the best job possible for our clients at all times. We will remain open and honest and we will continue to strive to set the benchmark for outsourced professional services  in our sector.

We might even have a little fun along the way!